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Principles of motivation for achieving individual and team excellence

USAF PACAF 18th Mission Support Group Professional Development Seminar
Perpetual questions about motivation in the workplace include: Leaders: How do I motivate people to perform their jobs? Workers: How can I perform in my job in such difficult circumstances?
What do you want from your job? The answer may illuminate the source of your motivation--or demotivation.
KADENA AIR BASE, OKINAWA--Dr. Brent Duncan conducted a team building workshop for the 18th Contracting Squadron and Mission Support Group at the Education Center on Kadena Air Base today. Titled "Applying principles of motivation to achieve individual and team excellence," the workshop focused on the following objectives:
  • Understanding processes that account for individual intensity, direction, and persistence to achieve goals. 
  • Identifying practical strategies for fostering individual willingness to achieve team goals while satisfying individual needs.
The workshop addressed motivation from both the leader and worker perspective. From the leader's perspective, the group asked, "How do I motivate people to perform in their jobs?" From the worker perspective, the group asked "How can I perform in my job in such difficult circumstances?" To discover answers to the questions, the group considered research-based applications of motivation theory and practice.
Following are the resources for the workshop: