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Japanese documentary features Misawa volunteers and an interview with me

Japan disaster documentary interviews Brent Duncan in Noda Village debris fieldsWhile participating in recovery activities in Noda Village, I escorted video crews and reporters from the town center to the debris fields to meet the Misawa Air Base volunteers who were volunteering to help Noda Village to recover. One of the video companies just released a Japanese documentary about the Iwate disaster areas one month after the initial disaster. The documentary contained a segment that included our project for that day, including an interview with me.

The link below contains excerpts from "Higashi Nippon Daishinsai: Iwate" (東日本大震災:岩手県野田村[抜粋] The Northeastern Japan Disaster: Iwate [Excerpts]"), a documentary produced by Tekunikrustaffu in Tokyo for broadcast and sale in Japan. I pulled out the segment about the Misawa Air Base volunteer activities and added English subtitles.