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Misawa Helps: Misawa Air Base personnel volunteer for Japan's recovery【東日本大震災津波】

Captain Tyler Harris, USAF 35th Fighter Wing, asked me to create a video to show Pacific Air Forces Commander General Gary North the volunteer activities of Misawa Air Base personnel in the month after the Northeast Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. After watching this video with base personnel, General North joined Base Commander Colonel Rothstein and other base personnel in a volunteer cleanup activity in Hachinohe.

"Those who have 'done it' [volunteered to help Japan recover] will never be the same," Gen. North said to Stars and Stripes. "They now understand the spirit of what they have done and why."

DESCRIPTION: Massive tsunamis generated by a 9.0 earthquake battered the coast of northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011. On March 12, a tsunami of Misawa Air Base personnel volunteer to help. This video shows highlights of the first 30 days of their volunteer recovery efforts.

MUSIC: Network Music Medium Tempo, Track 02 & Track 09 © MM - "Solemn" by Inland Sea (Jimmy Harry, Rin') ©2006 Avex Entertainment

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Brent Duncan - Penny Duncan - Hiro Ugaya, - Naval Air Facility Misawa - Yosuke Oda



CREATOR, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR: Brent Duncan, University of Phoenix

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