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AFSOC 353 SOMX/MXMOOS Leadership Workshop: Leading successful transformation in turbulent environments

Fostering adaptability, performance, and wellness in dynamic environments

OKINAWA, KADENA AFB, MAY 07, 2013 -- Members of the 353d Special Operations Maintenance Group met today with Brent Duncan for a workshop on leading individual and organizational change in turbulent environments. Considering key challenges in daily operations for mission critical activities in a changing environment, the group explored methods for fostering adaptability to enhance human performance and wellness . Key topics included understanding the levels of analysis in organizational systems, considering how assumptions and values influence social dynamics, and comparing strategies for leading change in humans and human systems. The workshop concluded by exploring strategies for managing changed-associated stress to foster adaptability, resilience, growth, and wellness in dynamic environments.

Presentation resources

Following are the slides and notes for "Leading successful transformation in turbulent environments: